Born and raised in Chicago, I was fascinated with the tall buildings in the city – in awe of their structural powers.

I was introduced to stone sculpture by Kay Hoffman and studied with her at The Suburban Fine Arts Center in Highland Park, Illinois from 1975 to 1987.

I was very fortunate to meet Omri Amrany when he began teaching at the Center and have been sculpting under his talent since 1987 at The Fine Arts Studio.  Here, Omri introduced me to hydraulic tools and I got very comfortable with their feel and my sculpting time was cut in half.

In 2005, I followed Omri and Julie Rotblatt-Amrany to their present studio/gallery, Timeless Creations, which is housed in an historic building, part of Fort Sheridan in Highwood, Illinois.

Working here, I feel the sense of structures standing through history.  This has influenced me greatly when I decided to sculpt “911”, a building that was taken down and became a part of our history.  I’m very proud of my “911” and its powerful statement of loss for America.

My earlier sculptures, “Chinese Lady” and “Mayan God” were created in my mind.  Since I can not draw well, I sculpt my idea and vision in my head.  Then I use hydraulic tools to carve the limestone, alabaster, or marble and use rasps to file and add texture.  I use many grades of sandpaper to get the smoothness I want.  Lastly, a coat of wax is applied to polish and preserve my piece of sculpture.

My style is unique, often described as Architecturally Contemporary.  I’m greatly influenced by the unusual angles and curves of the buildings and structures one sees in Chicago.  I can feel the strength and stability of the structures.

Along with my fascination of Chicago’s tall structures, I also love the Chicago Cubs baseball team.  I was honored in 2009 when asked to help with the sculpting and the texturing of the Ernie Banks statue, which is displayed outside of Wrigley Field.  A year later, I was again honored to work on the Billy Williams statue for Wrigley Field.  Like Chicago buildings, both men have been powerful parts of Chicago’s history.

Recently, I’ve sculpted “softer” pieces like “Teenie” and “Butterfly and Flowers”.  My sculptures are visual and tactile and are created for people to touch, feel emotion, and enjoy.

When commissioned for a sculpture, I make sure the finished piece will please my client.  I evaluate the space where the sculpture will be placed, I discuss my ideas with my client, and finally, select the stone with the right color, size, and shape to enhance my idea for their environment.  It takes many months to create a piece…creating and sculpting with my head, my eyes, my hands, and my heart.

What emerges is a sculpture that my client, the art enthusiast, and I will enjoy viewing for many years to come.